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Meet the Professional Aesthetician in Sterling, IL for Flawless Skin

Leticia Beauty


Leticia Beauty is the founder and lead esthetician of G Beauty Palace services and products. Within 5 years as a professional licensed esthetician for G Beauty Palace, Leticia received her license in Oat Brook, IL She is one of the pioneers in facials and PCA Skin Chemical Peels expert in the United States of America, and has performed many procedures. The best facials and chemical peels in Sterling, IL.

Leticia Beauty Facials and PCA Skin Chemical Peels are front line utilizing mature skin to look and feel more youthful, as well as including her own techniques, knowledge, and technology. Leticia, who became an industry leader in making others feel beautiful in their own skin is something more than natural and beautiful. Beyond providing facials services and simply being a place to get these services done, Leticia Beauty Provides an oasis where clients can always maintain healthy and glowing skin from their own homes. Where clients can always feel confident and love the skin they are in, Leticia has taken the extra mile to take a course in creating all-natural, organic, and toxic-free body care and skincare. We strive to be a permanent part of our client's journeys, where clients want to come back looking for services or beauty products.

In addition, to her role as Founder and Lead Esthetician of G Beauty Palace services and beauty products, Leticia is a single mother to 4 beautiful children who helps G Beauty Palace in their own unique ways. Leticia has also had a career in the Medical Billing and coding field. She started this career back in 2001 and has more than 20 years of experience.

"Let us help you glow in your own beautiful skin."

Specialties: microdermabrasion, PCA Skin Chemical peels, skin rejuvenation, waxing, facials, face masks and wraps, and body treatments.

Skills: 5 years experience as Esthetician, Associate in the medical field, Bilingual; English and Spanish, Excellent communication skills, Professional personality‚Äč, fast learner, Goal ‚Äď help others feel confident in their own beautiful skin.



G Beauty Palace is always better when it includes more beauty treatments along with pampering. With the help of CHINA, we now offer more beauty spa treatments, including different EYELASH EXTENTIONS styles, BODY WAXING, and now BODY CONTOURING! Explore how we can enhance your beauty today.

CHINA, an official team member of G Beauty Palace and Lead Lash Artist/ Body Contourist. She is also a professional licensed as an esthetician within 5 years. Graduating with her mother, Leticia Beauty. She received her license in Oat Brook, IL. She is one of the pioneers in Lashes, body wax, and body contour in the United States of America and has performed many procedures.

CHINA provides cutting-edge services for G Beauty Palace's clients. Utilizing proprietary techniques as well as knowledge, confidence, and technology developed directly by CHINA. Beyond providing Lash/Body services and simply being a place to get these services done, CHINA provides every client a warm welcome, takes care of, and walks clients through every step of their glow-up journey. Explore our many result-driven beauty treatments and schedule your relaxation at G Beauty Palace with CHINA today! The best Lash artist, body contouring, and body waxing in Sterling, IL.

In addition to her role as part of G Beauty Palace and Lead artist for Lashes, Body Waxing, and Body contour, CHINA is a mother to two amazingly beautiful children and a professional certified pastry chef. CHINA always had talents when it comes to baking in the kitchen so feel free to send an email or message us if you like her to whip something for you! That's how she got her nickname, "Sweet like China"

Specialties: body contouring, eyelash extractions & eyelash lifts, eyebrow tinting, body waxing/Brazilian waxing.‚Äč Certified in Pastry chief.

Skills: 5 years experience as Esthetician, Bilingual in English and Spanish, Excellent communication skills, nice and pleasing personality, Excellent in ‚Äď making clients happy, Punctual. Associate degree in specializing pastries.

Lola Beauti


Lola Beauti is a team member of G Beauty Palace and Lead Permanent Makeup/Mini Tattoo Artist. She also creates kawaii, fashionable, spiritual, and k-pop accessories. Within 2022 she completed her certificate for Permanent Makeup. She specialist in Lip Blushing, Eyelash enhancement, and the newest technique for eyebrows in the PMU industry, Ombre Powder Brows. Throughout her PMU journey, she found interest in Mini Tattoos that G Beauty Palace can now offer. Lola Beauti received her certification in Chicago, IL. She is one of the pioneers in PMU in the United States of America and has confidence in her skills to provide the best permanent makeup and mini tattoos in Sterling, IL.

Lola Beauti Permanent Makeup is on the cutting edge utilizing proprietary techniques including her own patterns, knowledge, skills, and creativity. Lola Beauti is changing the perceptions of how people perceive tattoos or any sort of body art. Tattoos shouldn't be painful or be frightened of. Permanent Makeup or Tattoos is a life-changing experience. It is a way to express your true self. Lola Beauti is beyond providing permanent makeup services and simply being a place to get these services done, Lola Beauti is a safe space where we welcome clients warmly like being part of a family. At G Beauty Palace through Lola Beauti PMU/Mini tattoos services or accessories, we strive to be a permanent part of clients' or shoppers' glow-up journey.

In addition to her role as part of G Beauty Palace and Lead PMU / Mini Tattoo Artist & Jewelry Maker / Creator, She is a college student at Sauk Valley Community College pursuing a Business and Marketing degree.

Lola Beauti shows a side of G Beauty Palace that will inspire you to be the true authentic self that you come to love. Lola Beauti is not yet a brand or a place to get PMU or Mini Tattoos done, she is a friend and someone who can help and motivate you to glow.

"Take care of yourself, be kind to yourself, LOVE YOURSELF!"

Specialties: Certified Permanent makeup artist: specialist in ombre powder brows, lip blushing, and eyelash enhancement. Pursuing an associate degree in Marketing and Business. Have some knowledge of Digital design. Very Creative and dream BIG. Creates kawaii, spiritual, Kpop, and fashionable accessories & jewelry / creator.

Language; English, creative skills, Sweet & Nice personality, Excellent in art, Goal ‚Äď make clients happy, and inspire their true selves!



The best botanical from all around the world are used in the best skincare products, G Beauty Palace. The professional skincare formulas use naturally derived bases rather than the industry standard chemically synthetic.


G Beauty Palace's main focus is to help those who struggle with confidence by providing beauty treatments and advice. We service anyone, man or woman, old or young, no matter race or ethnicity.

C R U L T Y - F R E E

For beautiful results and without harming the environment, Our large selection of professional skincare products is made with natural and organic ingredients.


G Beauty Palace is a family owned business. We provided local beauty services in the town of Sterling, IL. We also can ship our products anywhere in the United States!

About us

As Estheticians, Certified Permanent Makeup / Mini Tattoo Artist, Lash Artist, and Certified Body Contourist. As well as, certified natural skincare creators. it's our goal and responsibility to provide clients with information, treatments, products, and tools that will help any skin or body concerns. We have mastered facials, eyelash extensions, body waxing, permanent makeup, and body contouring tools/ treatments to help you feel confident in your own beautiful skin! We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your specific needs and services. Feel free to send us a direct message on any of our socials, email, or here! The best body care products and skincare services in Sterling, IL.

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Love the results of my facial.

Beautiful results - Great deals - Free consultation - Amazing results


Sterling, IL

Leti was wonderful and knowledgeable about her business. She was very thorough in the therapeutic facial process I got done. She kept the session very professional and walked me through every step. I definitely recommend her services. My face was feeling the magic when I left! It's a similar feeling from a deep cleaning at the dentist except on your face! I'll be back in three weeks for a Microderm session.


Sterling, IL

First visit to G Beauty Palace was a success. Leti explained every step of the facial. She also gave recommendations on daily tricks to help keep my skin hydrated and radiant. Very professional. My husband enjoys his Gentleman's facial. We are looking forward to the next visit! Thank you for everything.


Sterling, IL




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