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pink and white floral ceramic jar
pink and white floral ceramic jar

Spiritual Bath

Not simply for the sake of de-stressing and cleaning your body like a regular bath, spiritual baths require you to be present and mindful, involving specific elements to enhance the bath with psychic power. These elements can include candles, crystals, herbs, oils, salts, and more. Spiritual baths can also help to imbue the bather with certain desired benefits or be used as a manifestation tool to bring about things like abundance and creativity.

pink and yellow flowers with green leaves
pink and yellow flowers with green leaves

What are Spiritual baths?

Spiritual baths are used to cleanse our aura or electromagnetic field. The aura expands anywhere from 10-30 feet outside of our body. Anything within this space can affect your aura. “Anything” means people, objects, places, and more. The human electromagnetic field/ aura has the ability to attract and repel energy. When our electromagnetic field/aura is weakened due to negative/static or stagnant energy we began to attract lower vibrational people and situations into our lives. Spiritual baths allow us a chance to clear the static/ negative energy and raise our vibration so that we can attract more positive experiences.


When a new moon or a need to cleanse your energy, it is all about transformation, new beginnings, healing, manifesting, and setting visions & intentions for the future. It is a performance of rejuvenation and not just a regular bath. When preparing for this spiritual bath, you will want to lay the groundwork for welcoming renewing energy by making sure that you and your space are physically clean. Clean and declutter your bathroom and tub, then take a quick preliminary shower or bath to cleanse your body.


Start filling your tub with water. Some people like to fill the tub first with hot or warm water and then add their bath materials. However, you can also gather your materials when the water is running to fill the tub. You'll want to grab ingredients that will be mixed directly into your bath, such as herbs, essential oils, bath salts, bath bombs, bath fizzes, etc -- as well as things that will compliment the bath and the atmosphere, such as candles, crystals, spells, smudge sticks or incense, book, music, etc.


Take this time to finish setting up anything that you think will enhance the ambiance of your bath, or that will transport you into a more peaceful and spiritual place. This can include lighting candles, setting up soothing music or nature sounds, and opening windows. You can also use this time to give the space where you will be bathing a quick energetic cleanse by lighting sage, cedar, incense, palo santo, or other herbs in a process known as "smudging." Bring the smoke around the room and over the tub, then place it in a fire-safe dish or burner off to the side.

Now it is time to add the ingredients to your bath such as herbs, essential oils, bath salts, bath bombs, bath fizzes, etc. Choose your favorite elements that feels right to you, and begin adding them to the bath. As you stir in your ingredients, be mindful and meditative and think about the intentions you have. You can also do peaceful energy visualizations, and imagine the tub filling with golden light.


Slowly lower yourself into the bath, allowing each part of your body to adjust to the temperature. Cup your hands and gently pour the water over your head, arms, shoulders, etc. Soak for about 20-30 minutes. While bathing, try to clear your thoughts, relax, meditate, pray, or do whatever you feel is right for you.


After you get out of the bath, try and allow your body to air dry naturally rather than with a towel. It is important to let your body breathe and continue to take in the energy from the new moon. When you are mostly dry, get comfortable and rest for at least 30 minutes. You may want to lie down, focus on your breathing, and just relax.

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How to perform a Spiritual Bath?

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