Baby Safe Body care products đŸ‘¶


Our Baby Apple Line of skin care products offers the best alternative for parents. Baby Apple is our organic and toxic-free body care product with unique ingredients to convey the message,

"For Babies."

Tip: Use Baby body butter immediately after each bath. Use Children's Rash oil to soothe chafed, dry skin after each diaper change. Apply it to damp hair after the bath to relieve the cradle cap. You and your baby will enjoy a relaxing and comforting massage with The Baby Apple line of products.


Our Baby Apple Line conditions hair and scalp prevents dryness, strengthens the hair shaft, and restores manageability. Massage a few drops of the oil into damp hair after showering.

Tip: Only applies to children above 2 years old.

100% Natural

Our 100% Pure Baby Apple and Body care products are carefully made by selecting and measuring the right ingredients for each item. Our products are different from commonly available commercial store goods.

We value the conditioned, silky feeling that our pure 100% Baby Apple imparts to the skin. Baby Apple has absolutely no fillers, additives, or preservatives.