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"Leti was wonderful and knowledgeable about her business. She was very thorough in the therapeutic facial process I got done. She kept the session very professional and walked me through every step. I definitely recommend her services. My face was feeling the magic when I left! its a similar feeling from a deep cleaning at the dentist except on your face! I'll be back in three weeks for a microderm session."

- Edi

"Im so glad i got to know them! I ran up on their account on instagram, then i sign up for there samples IMMEDIATELY not knowing that they were going to have the BEST customer support!! They are awsome people at G Beauty Palace. They are so kind and helpful with their customers, and everyone deserve good customer service."

- Jessica

"I usually have a horrible reaction to everything, I can't even detox my face... I can use hibiclens or baby soap on my skin and that's it! That's how sensitive I am, but with G Beauty Palace's Antioxidant Serum gave Me NO allergic reaction. G Beauty Palace skincare line is great for Sensitive Skin Types, I definitely recommend!"

- Conner