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Everybody is different when it comes to sensitivity. Our artist does her very best to make sure you are comfortable from start to finish. To dive deep, when getting this form of body art the needle has to go into the second layer of skin, the dermis. There are many layers that the skin has that is including a thin barrier with a greater density of nerves. With that being said, some clients will feel slightly uncomfortable when getting their face tattooed or certain parts of their body. It is a similar scratching and light sunburn sensation. The process of tattooing and permanent makeup tends to have a weird scratching sound that is uncomfortable to some clients, therefore I highly recommend bringing in a pair of earplugs or a fidget toy to get distracted. Overall, permanent makeup and body art can be a painful procedure however it is something that can be managed especially when you are in the right hands when getting a tattoo done.

Numbing cream can only be used for permanent makeup procedures in this studio however there are other tattoo artists who use numbing cream for body art as well. When the right numbing cream is used. However, there will be some uncomfortable sounds involved, but you will be pleasantly surprised about how little pain you feel. You will be numbed with our top-of-the-line numbing topical anesthetic cream or gel such as SUSTAINÂŽ or NUMPOT GOLDÂŽ. These are the numbing creams we have at our studio. the effort is made to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the procedure. The numbing cream will ease about 20% of the discomfort.


Yes, permanent makeup or body art is safe. The process is a very big commitment. Some of the most essential things you should know before seeking the most popular permanent cosmetics treatments or tattoos we offer here at G Beauty Palace in Sterling, IL.

1). Chat with your doctor about whether these treatments are a fit for your body or face.

2). Find respected, reputable facilities that employ well-trained permanent makeup artists. G Beauty Palace takes safety very seriously and treats permanent makeup or body art as a medical procedure. Just like G Beauty Palace, they must have very high-quality standards when it comes to their equipment, their hygiene, and the products they use. Sterile needles and pigments from a trusted source are only made for permanent cosmetics or the body.

3). Before you pay for the full amount of a tattoo procedure, schedule a FREE consultation so that you can meet the artist who will be tattooing your permanent makeup or body art. Quiz their safety and discuss your goals and concerns. You would want to ensure all the details during the consultation so feel free to ask us any questions,

we love to help. ♥


  • Individuals under 18 years of age. We cannot perform body art on anyone under 18 years of age, even with parental consent.

  • Women who are pregnant or nursing As the body is going through hormonal changes, it is more prone to infections. Your skin may change and results can be unpredictable.

  • Individuals with Pacemakers or major heart problems. Tattooing on the skin can increase your heart rate.

  • Individuals with viral infections and/or diseases The risk of developing an infection is higher in people with compromised immune systems.

  • Individuals with Lupus. The risk of developing an infection is higher in people with compromised immune systems.

  • Individuals who have undergone an Organ Transplant. The risk of developing an infection is higher in people with compromised immune systems.

  • Individuals with any kind of skin condition on or near the treatment area. Eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis, or any one of these skin conditions may compromise the surface and texture of the skin. Procedures performed on skin with these types of conditions may have subpar results.

  • Individuals who are allergic to metal and color. We use small needles and pigments that can contain some metals and colorants, so allergy can be a show-stopper.

  • Individuals prone to keloids. Since permanent makeup or baby art punctures the skin, there is always a risk for people that are prone to keloids to heal with keloids scaring

  • Individuals who used Accutane. Accutane alters the skin and makes it thin, dry, and sensitive. It also weakens your immune system. For those reasons, you'll need to do one year after your Accutane treatment is completed and your skin is back to its normal state.

  • Individuals with a dark pre-existing eyebrow, lip, eyes, or body tattoo or permanent makeup. The tattoo or permanent makeup must be light enough for us to draw pixels

  • Individuals who are allergic to lidocaine or epinephrine. Our most used anesthetic contains lidocaine and epinephrine so if you are allergic to it, we will not be able to use it during the procedure; however, you will still have an option to proceed but without a numbing agent to reduce the pain.

  • individuals that are prone to cold sores If you are prone to cold sores, lip blushing may result in an outbreak and cause loss of pigment. You must start taking antiviral medication, prescribed by your doctor and NOT over the counter, 1 month prior to treatment to prevent an outbreak.

  • Individuals with dark spots surrounding the lips are prone to hyperpigmentation. Due to the hyperpigmentation, certain lips or prone to hyperpigmentation have to send us an email with a picture of their bare lips and the surrounding area of their lips with no makeup on, so we can evaluate.

  • Individuals with sun-damaged skin. It can result in poor retention of pigment.

  • Individuals undergoing chemotherapy. Although permanent makeup is great for enhancing your look, we require a doctor’s note in order to perform the procedure for anyone undergoing chemotherapy. Once you're cleared from your oncologist we can book your appointment. Permanent makeup is a great solution for cancer survivors.

  • Individuals with Diabetes. It is important that your condition is stable and under control. Please consult with your physician and provide us with a doctor's note.

  • Individuals with Thyroid Condition. The color of your brows can fade faster when taken with certain thyroid medications.

  • Individuals with Glaucoma. The risk of developing an eye infection is higher.

  • Individuals with High Blood Pressure. Your blood pressure has to be in a stable condition. You may have slightly greater bleeding than the norm. Excessive bleeding during the procedure can dilute and expel the pigment color and lead to poor results.

  • Individuals that have any uncertainty regarding their pre-existing conditions, or are under the supervision of a physician, please consult with your doctor before booking an appointment and provide us with a doctor's note.

G Beauty Palace reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.


Photos are one of the most important parts of the consultation, I may take them for client's records and promotions for my social media such as "before and after photos". If the client is not comfortable with me sharing/ promoting their photo that is completely fine! I will then only have them for keeping the client's record. Photos will record how the client appeared on the first visit. Permission is always asked first to use clients' photos for advertising and social media.


I allow periodic breaks as needed during the tattooing process. It may be difficult to remain lying down for long periods of time and a short restroom or water break is given to the client to renew energy, plus this is a good time to check the work! Please make sure to let me know!


I will then apply after-care products to the fresh tattoo. Then, review aftercare instructions and provide FREE mini after-care goodies. Next, we will schedule the FREE follow-up appointment.


For the first 2 weeks, we ask you to be extremely careful with the area; meaning no makeup, sun exposure, or friction of any kind. You will experience some scabbing a few days after the procedure. NO PULLING OR PICKING. Once the scabbing has finished, you may apply any makeup to the area and wash your face normally. 31 days after the procedure, we require you to come back for a perfecting visit (touch-up) to complete the process. Understand this is a multi-session process so a perfecting visit is crucial.


When a client comes in for either a consult or initial appointment, the lead permanent makeup artist will discuss the client’s goals including what they want to achieve. We are happy for our clients to bring in photos, social media or any other inspirations to help further guide. The client will know exactly what to expect and lets them know different possible outcomes depending on their skin types and desired look. Our consultations are listening sessions where client’s let us know their wants and needs to administer the best look to enable them to feel completely satisfied and live their most beautiful life.


After the procedure, the area of service will appear brighter or darker than what it is intended to look like. Some swelling may occur and some redness may show depending on each client, however, this will reduce in a few hours. The area of service has to be left alone for at least 1 month we require our clients to apply. Aquaphor to be kept moist throughout the day for at least for 1 month as needed. Each area should be kept free of any makeup, direct sun exposure, dirt, sweat, dust, and friction for 1 month. Color following the initial application will fade and show more of the true color after the healing period.


Cleaning your new tattoo is very important to prevent any sweat, dirt, or dust from your tattoo. The proper way of cleaning a new tattoo is dapping a paper towel in cool water making sure not to wet the paper towel too much. Next, you will lightly press the wet paper towel on the tattoo without any rubbing, or swiping motions. You will need to do a dipping motion but not too fast. You will do this till you see no dirt, sweat, hair, or dust. If you see a scab please do not pick at it, just let it fall on its own or with the wet paper towel. On the paper towel, you might see some blood, ink, and some scrabs and this is completely normal! Finally, you will just lightly rub some Aquaphor and make sure you don't rub harshly. Let the skin absorb the Aquaphor.


For all tattoo procedures. UVA & UVB rays will wreak havoc on the newly introduced pigment and cause the pigment to fade. The sun is a big no-no for any tattoos, particularly for the first 1 month!​


For all tattoo procedures. I suggest that you avoid any sort of physical activity that results in heavy sweating due to the change in your body temperature. That applies to a sauna, swimming, intensive workout, bathing, etc. In addition to sweating, chlorine will have a negative effect on new tattoos. At least for 1 month!


Many of my clients have experienced mild anxiety when they have studied how the color of the pigment fades a little during the first couple of weeks after the procedure. This is completely normal and there is no need to worry because of that! Keep in mind that the actual results can be evaluated correctly only after the free touchup procedure has been performed and taken care of.


The second session is scheduled 1 month after the initial appointment. This gives your tattoo time to heal. it takes 1 month and approximately 2 weeks for the color to fully settle into the skin. The color appears quite dark initially, but fades with the healing process, resulting in a softer, more desirable shade. One free touch-up includes refilling- if certain areas did not properly retain the pigment; color re-shaping- as individual skin types absorb pigmentations differently and may require deeper shading.


You can expect your tattoo to last anywhere up to 3-5 years. However, many factors will have a direct bearing on durabilities like skin type, lifestyle, and maintenance all taking in part of the duration. Some clients will lose the pigment entirely over the course of 18 months and some will retain the pigment for longer. For others, it will never fade completely.

(This is why we as PMU and tattoo artists must represent it as "permanent body art"!)

Clients should take care of and maintain the integrity of their new body art treatment. You invested the time and money! for your service and you must do your part at home to maintain your beautiful tattoo.



Permanent makeup is a helpful option for a variety of people whether they are looking for an enhancement and don’t have time to do makeup every morning or for those who have suffered from hair loss. It is also a great alternative for anyone looking to simplify their beauty routine, whether that’s getting out of bed and spending less time in front of the mirror, going to the gym, in a profession that dictates being in front of the camera or on stage frequently, or even going swimming without having to worry about their makeup coming off. Permanent makeup is also a great option for people who have a loss of vision or loss of motor skills due to aging or medical conditions.


Most people are tired of constantly filling in their brows, putting on eyeliner or lipstick, and looking for a more permanent solution. If this describes you, then this is for you. Also, if you have suffered from some sort of hair loss or are looking for a more natural look without putting in so much effort, you are a good candidate for permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is also great for people who are active, always on the go, busy moms, people in the entertainment industry who need to look good at any given time, or women who simply want to spend less time in front of the mirror


We believe that people are looking for the highest possible quality of work. As stated, remember that this is your face and there is no room for compromise. Only the highest quality of work should suffice. When it comes to your face, accept nothing less than a first-class result with no one else but a master practitioner. Remember this is your face, you want perfect permanent makeup.


Our permanent makeup artist, Hanna is certified by Blood Borne Pathogens and uses 100% disposable tools. This certification is renewed every year. For our machine product, we use “Needles or cartridge” that is 100% disposable from top to bottom. Each needle is properly disposed of in a sharps container, never to be reused. For more information on our safety principles, visit our "Safety Policies" page.


We want our clients to know and feel they are in the best hands. G Beauty Palace is completely honest and upfront with our clients about what to expect and how our procedures are done. With a highly skilled permanent makeup artist, we ensure the highest level of service, skill, and quality control in all that we do. Our company is not only built on our skill sets but integrity as well.

Are you interested in receiving a permanent makeup procedure? If you live in Sterling, Illinois, or near Sterling please contact us or book an appointment! We offer a variety of services that include permanent makeup and mini-tattoo services. To learn more about your options, give us a call or head over to the services tab to book a complimentary FREE consultation TODAY! We look forward to hearing from you.


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